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The Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District (LBNID) was established in 2008 pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statute 33:9080 to provide relative to the purpose, governance, powers and duties of the District; to provide for imposition of a parcel fee and for the purposes thereof; and to provide for related matters.



There is hereby created within the parish of Orleans a body politic and corporate which shall be known as the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District (LBNID) (the “District”).  The District is a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana as defined in the Constitution of Louisiana.



The District is comprised of the area of the parish of Orleans lying within the following perimeter:  Bullard Avenue, Dwyer Road, Berg Canal and Lake Forest Boulevard.



The District is established for the primary objective of promoting and encouraging the beautification, security and overall betterment of the District.


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