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You can feel safe with the comfort of knowing you have a neighborhood sponsored security patrol. Your security patrol is at your service and can be contacted at (504) 344-4028. If you are looking to buy or sell, Lake Bullard is the perfect place to be.


Lake Bullard is one of the best kept secrets in Eastern New Orleans. Nestled in a quiet New Orleans suburb, Lake Bullard is a peaceful upscale retreat which offers lakefront living at its finest.


The Association is to act as a central agent for the purpose of communication, coordination and promulgation between member organizations, individual homeowners and local, county, state and federal governing bodies as well as the news media.  The Association will support, however possible, the following desires and efforts, without being limited to those items listed, of the member organizations.  These items are to be carried out, pursuant to legislative directions, and are to be in the best interests of residents of the Lake Bullard Subdivision.


1. To better safeguard the general health, safety, and welfare of residents in the event of perils such as flood, fire, hurricanes and other catastrophic phenomena


2. To insure the availability of adequate public services


3.  To present the opportunity for an enhanced quality of life


4.  To establish developmental and environmental practices and procedures that will preserve the beauty of the area


5.  To maintain the integrity of established residential neighborhoods and to provide guidelines for new residential neighborhoods that may be established in the future

we work together to maintain a beautiful community

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