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Request for Proposal on Security Patrols

Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District

5469 Stillwater Drive

New Orleans, LA 70128

(504) 905-5721

Email:                       Website:



The Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District is bounded by Lake Forest Blvd., Bullard Ave., Midpoint Dr., and the Berg Canal, in eastern New Orleans. Security and beautification of the Lake Bullard subdivision are provided by the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District.  The District includes the following streets:

  • Asphodel Dr (between Bullard and Berg Canal)

  • Beaver Dr (between Fernley and Midpoint)

  • Bullard Ave (between Lake Forest and Dwyer)

  • Fernley Dr (between Bullard and Berg Canal)

  • Lake Forest Blvd (between Bullard and Berg Canal)

  • McKendall Place (between Dwyer and Midpoint)

  • Midpoint Dr (between Bullard and Berg Canal)

  • Notaway Ln (between Bullard and Berg Canal)

  • Stillwater Dr (between Lake Forest and Fernley)

  • Waverly Dr (between Bullard and Berg Canal)

  • Winrock Dr (between Bullard and Berg Canal)


The District is seeking proposals for providing Security Patrols on the streets listed above. The proposal period will end on March 1, 2019. All proposals and any questions regarding this proposal should be directed to the contact information listed above.


Work Required

  • Provide daily patrols, Sunday through Saturday

  • Provide weekly written reports of suspicious individuals or activity

  • Attend board meetings to provide a verbal security report

  • Patrol in vehicles that are visibly identifiable as patrol vehicles; including banners on side of vehicle or flashing blue lights

  • Notify the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District in writing of any changes in schedule within two days of schedule change. Failure to do so may result of termination of contract

  • Keep patrol schedules confidential


  • Refrain from discussing administrative and personnel issues with residents


  • Maintain a phone number to receive complaints/reports of suspicious activity from residents




Contract Period

This contract will end one year from commencement of contract.


Other Requirements


  • Registered and in good standing with the State of Louisiana

  • Licensed, bonded and insured

  • No pending complaints

  • Provide 3 commercial references

  • At least a 35% DBE component


  • Member of the Better Business Bureau


Please include an hourly rate in your response. The selection will be based upon price, experience, professional standing and references.

Security Patrol Provider Comments (use additional pages if necessary)






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