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Topic: 2022 Budget

Date/Time: Saturday, Oct 9, 2021 10:00 AM  


Members of the Board of Commissioners,


Attached please find a copy of the DRAFT BUDGET RESOLUTION AND 2022 BUDGET that will be considered at the October 9th Board of Commissioner’s meeting.  Please review.  This is a very important meeting since the City Council and the Mayor’s CAO office is awaiting an approved 2022 Budget for Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District.


Please note some minor differences in this DRAFT BUDGET from the 2021 Budget:

1. Last year the cost of General Liability and Board Insurance exceeded the 2021 budget line item from $4000 to a cost of $5781.32.  It was therefore necessary to reduce other line items for the 2022 Budget. 

2. Since we have been sending legal notices for meetings by postcards to each resident’s homes rather than printing signs, I am recommending a reduction of the PRINTING line item from $700 to $300.

3. Since the mailing of postcard notices has been adequately covered under the MEETINGS line item, I am recommending a reduction of the POSTAGE line item from $800 to $100. 

4. I am further recommending a reduction of the WEBSITE line item from $500 to $300.

5. I am also recommending a $500 reduction in the CONTINGENCY line item from $2500 to $2000. 


These adjustments will give the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District a balanced budget for 2022 as we have had in previous years.

Thank you for your consideration and leadership.


Mtumishi St. Julien